Triple Rodeo Dec19

Triple Rodeo Not much needed to be said. Billy Morgan does the worlds first triple rodeo on a snowboard, flawless! *EDIT* Now updated with Full-HD videoclip!

Number 13 Dec16

Number 13

The 13th Gumball 3000 film follows the story of MTV’s Dirty Sanchez stars Lee Dainton and Matthew Pritchard participating in the famous 3000 mile road trip. Driving alongside the most incredible array of supercars ever seen together their humble ride is a 20 year old VW van that they...

Kevin Pearce Dec14

Kevin Pearce

Burton Snowboards is proud to congratulate Burton team rider Kevin Pearce on his first day back on a snowboard since he suffered a traumatic brain injury while training for the Olympics in 2009. Kevin has been a part of the Burton family for years, receiving his first snowboard from Jake...

Xpogo Dec14


Anyone remember pogo sticks? We hardly do, but we know impressive skills when we see them!

Snowkite Endurance Race Dec13

Snowkite Endurance R...

Take a look at this sneak peek of Red Bull Ragnarok. Red Bull Ragnarok takes snowkite riders to the limits and tests their skills in some of the harshest conditions. Between april the 12th to 15th next year, 2012, the Ragnarok event will hit the world again, this time in Haugastol,...

Spilled Milk Dec10

Spilled Milk

Orangatang Development Team rider Nathaniel Hodson from Long Neck Giraffe Productions was frolicking in trees, in accordance with his daily routine, when he was interrupted by his mother in need of a favor. Needless to say, he failed to fulfill his mother’s...

Kalani Chapman Dec09

Kalani Chapman

Kalani Chapman surfs the first big swell of the season at Pipeline. Great lead up to the Billabong Pipe Masters competition!

Jake Burton Dec09

Jake Burton

Here’s a new and fresh clip from Burton where Jake Burton himself shows of some nice ridin’ in the pow and talks about what got him excited about snowboarding in the early days and how it all got started.

Shaun White @ Northstar Dec07

Shaun White @ Norths...

Shaun White shows us his out-of-the-halfpipe-style by jumpin’ and getting a nice flow in a BMX jump line at Northstar.

Travis Rice POV Dec06

Travis Rice POV

This is how awesome action and views you get to enjoy if your Travis Rice. Enjoy!

Lauri Heiskaric Dec05

Lauri Heiskaric

There you have it, not all finnish people are crazy. Some of them are also f’ing awesome

Pump-Kin Till ya Puke Dec02

Pump-Kin Till ya Puk...

With this clip Orangatang offers a look-back at a very festive halloween event put on by Ambassador Paul Kent. Looks like the puke is slippery!…

sliding in RIO Dec01

sliding in RIO

Thiago Nobre, one of many Loaded ambassadors, lives in Rio de Janero, Brazil, and is really awesome on (and off) the longboard! Can’t complain about the heat, weather and terrific scenery in that city.

Twe12ve Nov30


Volcom gives you a nice re-edit of Gigi Rüf’s part in Absinthe Films ”Twe12ve” video. You can also spot some ridin by guest snowboarder Blair Habenicht.